Save One Animal “Bunny” - Unisex T-shirt

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Be a hero!

As a vegan, you are already saving lives, so why not show it off a bit! By wearing this fun and friendly tee, you share a message that you care about lives!

This shirt is an instant favorite because of the clever design and the profound saying. If you love to make your mark in the world, this t-shirt is a great first step!

Made up of 100% Cotton, breathable, soft, and eco-friendly material.

Choose from 5 colors and pair it with jeans or trousers. Suitable for both males and females.

Supports both hand and machine wash. Line Dry.

Key Features:

  • This Save One Animal tee, like the hoodie and kids tee, feature a bunny rabbit design front and back.


The Happy vegan way brand is with every purchase of our products we donate to help liberate farm animals from their cages and stop animal / human cruelty. It represents your commitment to raise awareness for a compassionate world.

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